Best Tax Attorneys That Specializes In Estate Taxes When Being Audited By The IRS

If you are experiencing problems with your taxes, you need to hire the right tax attorney. These experts will help you handle all problems associated with IRS and estate tax. Since tax law keeps changing now and then, only IE Tax Relief can help you deal with the audit and facilitate low fines.

That said, you must confirm your lawyer’s credentials before you choose one. Below are tips to finding the right tax attorney

Decide on your needs

You must decide whether you need a tax expert or a lawyer. While lawyers can be expensive to afford, there is plenty of tax professional to handle your case at affordable rates. However, a tax attorney is recommended on serious IRS issues. You also need IE Tax Relief to audit your taxes, represent you before the IRS or advise on estate planning.

Ask for recommendations from people you trust

Your banker can recommend you the best lawyer if available. Since banking institutions deal with financial issues, they are likely to know the best tax attorneys around to recommend. You can also ask your family members, friends or workmates for a recommendation of lawyers they have worked with. 

Research online

The internet is full of websites that help people find the right tax attorneys. Depending on your local area, check on the state bar association for a list of lawyers.

Look for a certified lawyer

Tax attorneys are certified by state programs. This means they are qualified and meet the minimum legal requirements to operate as tax experts. It also means they have experience in dealing with a wide range of tax issues. 

Book a consultation with each lawyer

Before you settle for one lawyer, book a consultation and interview to find the right one for you. Ensure you talk with the lawyers during the summer or fall season when they are mostly free.

Ask each tax lawyer about their experience

All you want is an experienced lawyer capable of representing you before the IRS. Ask each on the number of years they have been in the industry. Let them provide a list of successful clients. This way, you are assured of somebody capable to handle your tax issues. IE Tax Relief comprises of highly dedicated lawyers who are committed to working on all tax issues.

Check on who will be representing your case

Some tax attorneys tend to deal with cases only at the preliminary stages. As the case advances, they assign your case to a different lawyer. Before choosing a lawyer ask whether you are going to deal with one person or a team of attorney.

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