What Should I Know Before I Consider To Contact A Bail Agent?

After a person is accused of illegal drug or narcotics possession, the cops take him to a regional jail for booking. In this stage, they record his fingerprints and snaps are taken. The cops also check for existing criminal record of the accused. If existing and previous criminal records are found, that can go against him.The detainee is also searched thoroughly, and a medical examination is conducted. It can surely take some time.

After the booking process is over, the accused person has to undergo arraignment as well as bond hearing.Guadalupe valencia attorney says, the detainee is informed of his legal rights and asked to admit or deny guilt. At this juncture, he can hire a lawyer. If he does not have monetary capacity to afford a lawyer, the court offers him the option of a public defender.

The bond hearing can take place at the same time or after the arraignment. The public defender can also help the accused to get a bond hearing appointment. The accused needs to appoint a licensed bail bond agent to make the application and do the legal formalities.

The amount of bail will vary on factors like past drug possession record and other criminal accusations. For the first time and minor drug arrests, the bail amount may not step. However, for repeat crimes and related offenses, the bail amount can be on higher side.

This is where bail bonds agents come into play. Acme Bail is used to reducing the amount of bail that needs to be paid. Most of the time, it is extremely difficult for the inmate, friend, or family member to come up with the bail bond required to release a particular inmate.

Drug bail bond applications are not refused unless the person is a hardcore criminal or the judge considers releasing him on bail can pose a risk to the community.
Seeking a suitable bail bond agency.

When you are taken into custody after being slapped with drug possession charge, seeking services of Bail bond agency becomes necessary.

When you contact bail bond agent, assess his track record and expertise. Ask him about his experiences in cases of drug bail bonds and success rate,says edward irizarry attorney. A professional and licensed bail bond agent will inform you about nuances of drug bail applications.

He will also inform you about the needful to stay out of trouble when the case is in progress. You may use a few social media sites to assess reliability and reputation of a regional bail bond agency before seeking its services.

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