Why You Might Want to Get a Tax Law Specialist?

Your taxation and tax returns should be accurate without any errors. Tax-related errors can lead to additional taxes, interest, and penalties for you. You need to keep your tax records clear and perfect as a best practice to avoid an audit from the IRS.

Our tax attorneys have served many individuals, estates, and businesses in taxation and file their return. The following section provides you the reasons to hire a tax attorney for your tax issues.

1. Filing your income tax return.

A tax attorney has complete knowledge about tax laws and obligations that you need to meet. A tax attorney can guide you in taxation. You need not spend your time to know these tax laws and obligations.

All existing businesses and startups need to take care of their taxation accurately from day one to avoid any tax penalties or tax audits from the IRS. When you hire an attorney, you need not spend your time to understand the taxation laws

2. IRS Audit representation.

When you get a tax problem notice from the IRS, you need tax audit representation or audit defense. A tax attorney represents on your behalf during an IRS or state income tax audit.

You need a legal representation in case you are being audited by the IRS. A tax attorney can negotiate a settlement with the IRS. You can get assistance in the IRS audit to get an offer in compromise, or a penalty abatement, or installment agreement.

3. Receive a CP notice from the IRS.

A CP notice is a letter or notice from the IRS to inform you of a balance due or any discrepancy on the tax return. A tax attorney can assist you to understand the complete situation and verify if the discrepancy is a mistake. Otherwise, you may need to pay additional taxes. A tax attorney can guide you to a suitable workout plan with the IRS to defend you against any erroneous CP notice.

4. Owe back tax money.

Tax attorneys can suggest the options for the plan and offer in compromise with the IRS when you owe back tax money. The attorney will help you deal with back taxes by working out a plan to settle with the IRS, end levies, remove penalties, or settle taxes and file delinquent tax returns.

5. Liens, levies garnishments notice from the IRS.

When you get a notice on liens, levies garnishments from the IRS, you have 30 days to respond and protect your assets. A tax attorney can immediately start to work out a resolution with the IRS to help you to get relief from tax levies and wage garnishments. You need to take immediate action against levies and liens to protect your business.

The Irvine tax attorney has vast experience in working with the IRS and resolving the tax disputes. you can reach us by a phone call to file a tax return, resolve disputes with the IRS and for any taxation issues. we have helped many individuals and businesses to resolve the tax disputes and represent on their behalf to the IRS.

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